The Doll House Shoe Boutique

“The Doll House Shoe Boutique,” was one of our biggest sponsors this year. Most of the shoes worn by theĀ  models of the “Scorchering” collection were wearing shoes were provided by them. We would like to extend our appreciation and given a shout out to the owner Francesca Gidney. Thank you so much for your support.

In case you didn’t know The Doll House is a classy shoe boutique located just off Amherst in between Elmwood and Grant in Buffalo, New York. Their shoes are very affordable and unique. The atmosphere is very spa like and they sometimes offer their guests wine and treats, yum! You’ll get so comfortable you wouldn’t want to leave. Take the time and visit their shop. You are going to love all that they offer! Their facebook provides updates on their new inventory so you may want to take the time to follow. Here is the link to make it a bit easier:

The Doll House Shoe Boutique

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