Fashion’s Love Story

Revolutionary, reinvented, and innovative DAYKEYLA celebrates a woman's alluring curves by using elegant style lines and complimentary colors. Daykeyla is chic in the timeless silhouettes, and edgy in the design elements such as broad shoulders, fitted hips and the waist. Having an aesthetic integration that attracts women who appreciates elegance and idolize their strength and beauty, Daykeyla does not adorn the woman's physique with clothing, instead the woman ornaments her garments. The liaison between a woman and her trousseau is an erupting, sensual, passionate expression of her soul. Silk's luxurious caress and secure embrace inflames the amorous affair and stimulates FASHION'S LOVE STORY.

Established in 2013, Daykeyla is a fashion line presently run from a small space within Buffalo, New York by the owner Daykeyla McGee. Garments are handcrafted by McGee using home sewing machines, a serger, an industrial machine and two dress forms. You may find more about the designer on "McGee Behind It All".

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